Founded in 1992, Lifan Industry (Group) Co. Ltd (hereinafter called Lifan Group) with more than 13,653 employees is one of the biggest private-owned enterprises in China. Over the past 18 years, specializing in research and development, manufacturing and marketing (including international trade) of automobile, motorcycle and engine, Lifan Group has rapidly matured into a prestigious enterprise with the integration of financial sector, real estate and football industry. In 2009, Lifan won a sales income statistics of 13.3 billion RMB, and 380 million USD for exportation. It was listed in “Top Enterprises in China” of Forbes and ranked the 88th. In June 2009, Lifan won Chinese “Nation Card” becoming one of 100 famous enterprises which can represent national economic development since the establishment of People’s Republic of China

In 2003, Lifan Group established Chongqing Lifan Automobile Co. Ltd (hereinafter called Lifan Automobile) through GIỚI THIỆU 1purchasing Chongqing Special Purpose Use Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd, strategically realizing the expansion from motorcycle to automobile industry. In 2004, through the restructuring of Yunnan Dali Junma Automotive Company which manufactures light and heavy trucks, Lifan Automobile greatly leaped forward in production and sales.

In terms of scale, Lifan Automobile will input a total investment of RMB2.4 billion Yuan into several projects. The first phase of passenger car project including stamping, welding, painting and assembling lines, an engine plant and a R&D center has been completed with the construction area of 200,000 square meters. The second phase of 270,000 square meters of car plant and 90,000 square meters of engine plant expansion will be finished soon. By 2010, the annual production capacity will mount up to 300,000 CBU units and 400,000 car engines respectively from present 200,000 and 100,000.

In order to complete production line and build up core competitiveness, Lifan Automobile plans to launch SUV, MPV, and electric car in progression to supplement the existing passenger car models of LF520, LF520i, LF620, LF320 and LF FOISON. The first phase of mini-van plant with 630,000 square meters was completed by the end of 2009, and could produce as many as 100,000 units per year. Projects for SUV, MPV and electric car have been put on the agenda. On March 16, LIFAN and Chinese Academy of Sciences unveiled Shanghai Zhongke-Lifan Vehicle Co., Ltd. officially in shanghai, Lifan EV car will debut as police car in Shanghai World Expo.

In terms of technology research and development, Lifan Automobile adheres to the principle of independency and innovation. It has stepped over industrial competition barriers and realized sustainable growth through combined development and technology procurement, which creates core strategic resources and broadens development horizon.

Lifan Automobile boasts with patent ownership of 644 and a team of over 50 technology and management experts from advanced automotive manufacturers home and abroad including Chrysler. Granted with export right since 1998, it has been dedicated to expansion on the international market. The sales network of Lifan products has spread across 167 countries including South-east Asia, West Asia, Europe, Africa and South America.

In January 2006, LIFAN 520, a newly self-owned brand, launched the global market. March 2007 saw the birth of the first Lifan520 passenger car in Vietnam, In August Lifan passenger car came off line in Russia and over passed crash test under European standard at one shot, and in November of the year, Lifan car successfully passed E-mark homologation.

In April 2008, Lifan car successfully passed E—NCAP 64kilometers’ crash test with three stars in Russia, which is the best of Chinese car ever achieved overseas. On November 11th, 2008, Lifan Motors declared its views on Greek Auto show and becomes the first Chinese national brand of automobile to enter EU market. With the guidance of quality rules life and customer as boss, Lifan car holds a strong quality guarantee system for its successful take-off on the international market.

By 2009, Lifan520 has been exported to 57 countries including Russia, Vietnam, Iran, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Uruguay, Algeria, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil and Columbia with six assembly factories built overseas in the earlier six countries mentioned.

As LIFAN always sticks to the conception of “Come from community, return to community”, LIFAN makes great contribution to public. Since 1992, Lifan has donated over RMB 77.83 million Yuan to the society. By the end of 2008, Lifan has donated to establish 100 Guangcai Schools

18 years, it is just a start line for Lifan, the future will be unlimitedly wonderful.

Enjoy Lifan, Enjoy Lifan.